Peter Toohey

Illustration in the English manuscript, Harley Bestiary (13th century), of the legend of the vigilant cranes. Photo by Wolfgang Sauber, Wikimedia Commons

Click on the following links to read excerpts from Peter Toohey's Jealousy:

“Ljobomora ili utopija” [Jealousy or utopia],”, October 23/4, 2015 (excerpted from the Serbian translation of Jealousy).  

₪"Leave Stephen King alone: “Misery,” income inequality and the connection between jealousy and creativity." Salon, 7 December 2014.

​₪ "Sibling Rivalry, a History." The Atlantic, 30 November 2014.

₪ "The green-eyed monster." The Gulf Today, 24 October 2014

₪ "The green-eyed monster: Why do we get jealous?" The Independent, 14 October 2014.