Peter Toohey

Korean version of Peter Toohey Jealousy, Nike Books Seoul, April 2017

UrbanSolid’s Berlin ear

Photography by Rachael Lonsdale


"Melancholia & Music," Curated by Andrew G.M. Bulloch, MA, PhD, Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary​

"Looking at melancholy and depression,"  video presentation by Peter Toohey at Laval University.

 "Jealousy: Virtuous Vice", The Agenda with Steve Paikin, Peter Toohey on TVOntario.

Peter Toohey "Illiteracy and Emotional Intelligence," The New Nation, (Dhaka, Bangladesh), 2019-08-21  =   "What do you read when you don't read?" Psychology Today, July 27, 2019,

Peter Toohey, "Is it a good thing to be bored?"   Boredom Is in Your Mind:  A Shared Psychological-Philosophical Approach, edited by Josefa Ros Velasco, Springer, 2019.